Install from Network

Installation from a network distribution point is an installation of a piece of software such as an operating system or application program from a shared network resource. This network distribution point may simply be a copy of the original media. Some software publishers (that offer site licenses for institutional customers) may provide a version intended for installation over a network this will not require the entry of a licence key for example.

Installing an Image

It is common for technical support staff to take an image of a running server operating system. This image can be redeployed quickly and easily from the image via network. The machine receiving the image must support Preboot execution environment PxE. In order to start a PxE network installation the boot order in the BIOS must be modified. On most modern computers, the network installation can be performed by pressing during BIOS boot.

The latest version of Windows Server allows you to achieve this via Windows Deployment Services (WDS). Windows Deployment Services is the updated and redesigned version of Remote Installation Services (RIS). Windows Deployment Services enables you to deploy Windows operating systems over the network, which means that you do not have to install each operating system directly from a CD or DVD. To install and configure Windows Deployment Services in order to install an operating system, perform the following steps:

Install Windows Deployment Services

Configure the server and add the default images (Install.wim and Boot.wim) that are included on the product DVD in the \Sources folder.

Install an operating system

We will assume that you will use the same server to deploy and transport your images out via the network. The following are requirements for installing this role, depending on whether you choose the default installation:

  • AD DS. A Windows Deployment Services server must be either a member of an AD DS domain or a domain controller for an AD DS domain. The AD DS domain and forest versions are irrelevant; all domain and forest configurations support Windows Deployment Services.
  • DHCP. You must have a working DHCP server with an active scope on the network because Windows Deployment Services uses PXE, which relies on DHCP for IP addressing.
  • DNS. You must have a working DNS server on the network before you can run Windows Deployment Services.
  • NTFS volume. The server running Windows Deployment Services requires an NTFS file system volume for the image store.
  • Credentials. To install the role, you must be a member of the Local Administrators group on the server. To initialize the server, you must be a member of the Domain Users group.

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