Questions – From User Profiles page
1 What is kept in User Profiles?
2 List the different types of user profiles.
3 Why would an administrator use mandatory roaming profiles and how are they implemented

Questions – From Configure and Troubleshoot Page
1 Before you can access resources in an Active Directory Domain, what do you need?
2 What does your server have to be before you have Active Directory Users and Computers available from Administrative Tools?
3 What is the default password policy in Windows Server?

Questions- From Manage Page
1 What is the difference between group type and group scope?
2 What group scope is not supported at Windows interim domain functional level?
3 In what two containers will you find the default groups that are installed automatically on the first domain controller in the Active Directory domain?

Questions – From Account Management and Administration
1 If a user can log on during the day, but cannot logon when they are in at the weekend working overtime, what might be the problem and how would you fix it?
2 Where is universal group catalog membership kept?
3 What tool would you use to delegate the permission to reset passwords to the managers in the sales organisational unit?
4 When would you use Ldifde.exe over Active Directory Users and Computers?
5 List the command line account management tools.
6 What is the advantage of using command line tools?
7 What tool would you use to give selected users some autonomy in their organisational unit?

Questions – From File and Folder Permissions
1 What permissions apply to shared folders?
2 If a member of the Sales group has no share permission to a shared folder called Personnel, but has the NTFS permission of Full Control, what can they do to the folder if they log on locally, not through the network?
3 What do you do to stop sharing a shared folder?
4 Can shadow copies be configured on individual shared folders?

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