Add Default Boot Image

To add the default boot image included on the product DVD

1. In the left pane of the Windows Deployment Services MMC snap-in, right-click the Boot Images node, and then click Add Boot Image.


2. Browse to choose the default boot image (Boot.wim) on the product DVD, located in the \Sources folder.

3. Click Open and then click Next.

4. Follow the instructions in the wizard to add the image.

5. Repeat this procedure to add any additional boot images. When multiple boot images are available to client computers, clients will be presented with a boot menu that displays the boot images.

6. If you want to modify any of the settings of the server, right-click the server in the MMC-snap in, and click Properties.


7. Now that you have at least one boot and install image on the server, you can perform a PXE boot on a client computer to install an operating system using the steps in the following section.

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